Groups/teams are constantly making decisions.  What are they about?  How are they made?  Does everyone have a say or do only a few people express opinions?  Is silence taken for agreement?  Are issues discussed so that a consensus is reached or does one person make the decision? 

Well lead teams make better decisions than individuals alone would.  Additionally, teams can implement decisions more smoothly.  Teams are able to bring innovation and continuous improvement into the workplace because they have a range of ideas, creativity, thinking styles, innovations and perceptions to draw upon.

These advantages exist because a team with diverse membership can offer a range of ideas and expertise to provide a more balanced perspective.  Input from team members opens up a wider range of options and ideas that can be applied to problem solving.

It is important to note that some form of coordination and cooperation already exists and that team members accept the objective of fulfilling team rather than individual needs.  In other words, teams work well when everyone is prepared to listen and respect each other and willing to contribute when required.

It may take longer to gather input from all team members, however, a good leader can facilitate effective and inclusive processes that will over time, and with practice, become streamlined and very efficient.

Remember that problems:

  • Are inevitable and unavoidable
  • Provide a source of valuable information about what is going right and what is going wrong
  • Provide indicators of team progress and what needs to be addressed or changed within the team
  • Can provide or indicate opportunities for new, creative and innovative development for those who are willing to accept change
  • Can be used to prevent the status quo (comfort zone)
  • Provide an opportunity for positive and cooperative problem solving techniques
  • Provide an opportunity for team member engagement and empowerment.

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